Flow Communications

Flow’s approach to design is to produce visual solutions that best serve a client’s needs, however complex and nuanced these may be.

We have a strong and versatile team of dedicated graphic designers who can cope with diverse challenges, from company logos to corporate websites, magazines and dynamic promotional campaigns.

We understand print and digital equally well and have extensive experience in producing annual and other types of reports, as well as static and animated designs for Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms, and for websites and applications.

Living Human Treasure book written and produced by Flow
Flow’s graphic designers worked on the Department of Sport, Arts and Culture’s Living Human Treasures books.

Our clients benefit from a carefully considered and customised approach to design challenges.

Working hand in hand with our content, brand strategy and programming teams ensures an exchange of ideas that contributes hugely to our creative problem-solving abilities. We produce well-considered designs that are not only appropriate and functional, but also well-crafted content-wise and make sense.

Flow designed the Nelson Mandela Foundation website.
Lascaux Commemorative Brochure
Design of a commemorative brochure for the Wonders of Rock Art: Lascaux Cave and Africa exhibition.
Designs of corporate stationery for AfricaNenda
Designs of corporate stationery for AfricaNenda.
Design of collateral for Hollard
Design of collateral for Hollard.
#SONA2021 social media infographics
Social media designs for the 2021 South African State of the Nation Address.
St Marys School Website
Mobile-friendly website design for St Mary's School.