Flow Communications

Strategy, storytelling and design

Exhibition From Freedom To Fanfare
The From Freedom to Fanfare exhibition that Flow conceptualised, designed and produced content for.

Creating transformative experiences is the aim of Flow’s exhibitions team – turning exhibition spaces from passive information sources into places of learning, engagement, entertainment and resonance.

Our track record as exhibition designers, educators, information generators, graphic designers and communicators has given us insight into how effectively conceptualised environments in the exhibition space can have transformative power. Modifying perceptions, altering mindsets, adjusting attitudes and even changing people are what our exhibitions will do.

Our approach to exhibition design is fairly unconventional, as we take on each challenge with no preconceived notions and a clean canvas.

We are aware of the big picture but pay close attention to detail; are driven by quality but not seduced by flash; and will listen keenly to a client’s needs but may put the user experience first.

We are firmly in touch with cultural and social needs but completely aware of marketing and the need to attract attention and business, and can be unpredictably creative as well as infinitely sensible.

First and foremost, though, we are innovators, and these creative hats are the proudest we wear.

A drawing by Flow for work on the Biodiversity Hall at the Ditsong National Museum of Natural History.