Flow Communications

Elegant Fuel is a bulk fuel supplier, which also has fuel stations for general motorists, across South Africa. The company has been in operation for 10 years now, and Flow has been the communications partner of Elegant Fuel for a number of years.

Case study: online competition

In 2018, Elegant Fuel produced a television commercial featuring Frank Opperman (actor and musician, well known for his appearances in Dancing with the Stars) dancing at an Elegant Fuel station. He dances to Mango Groove’s Dance Sum More, which has been widely enjoyed by South Africans for many years.

A digital campaign run by Flow took the concept of the television commercial into the online space, where engagement could be generated and accurately measured. The idea was that other travelling South Africans should also dance at fuel stations (not limited to Elegant Fuel), film themselves doing so and share the fun.

Flow created a campaign page on the Elegant Fuel website and on Opperman’s Facebook page, through which people could submit their videos and stand a chance of winning a VW Polo Vivo car, or one of two R10 000 fuel vouchers.

Flow managed Opperman’s Facebook page and used his reach to generate momentum by directing people to the competition page on the website. In addition, we used Google’s advertising platform to place videos and banners promoting the competition.

All entry videos could be viewed on the Elegant Fuel website, and once entries started pouring in, the best videos each week were shared on Opperman’s Facebook page.

While the competition did not specify that videos had to be shot at Elegant Fuel stations, many entrants took the time to find Elegant Fuel outlets and shoot their videos there, resulting in lots of user-generated content.

The campaign ran between 22 April and 10 June 2018, which allowed enough time to build on the momentum of the television commercial, without dragging on for too long.

Results achieved

  • There were 100 000 online views of the television commercial
  • The campaign generated 3.5-million impressions across social media
  • There were 23 000 visits to the competition page on the Elegant Fuel website
  • A vast amount of user-generated content was developed, which can be reused for future campaigns