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During this summer’s Flow School, Flowstar Colin Ford facilitated a blog-writing workshop, encouraging even our non-writers to show off their talents. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be publishing the homework assignments from that session. This is the fourth of the series.

Many of us make lists – things to do, the groceries, work priorities and so forth. Lists are massively popular online, too.

But do they matter?

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Photo courtesy Great Beyond

I think so. Here’s a list of reasons why:

  • They get people off your back. When a colleague asks why they haven’t received that important document, you just reply: According to my list of priorities, I should get to it just after lunch
  • Lists make you look good. They’re a much more grown-up way of dealing with responsibilities. You will look less of a procrastinator; you will get to the list, eventually
  • You are never caught off-guard. Say, for example, you have an interview. It’s good to have a list of typical questions and answers. When they see how prepared you are, they will take another turn and ask questions they think you haven’t prepared for. But guess what? You already have compiled your list of crazy and wacky possible questions and answers!
  • Lists give a sense of achievement, even before you start tackling them. Imagine how you feel when you have conquered each item
  • They are contagious. I grew up with a mother who compiled a to-do” list every time she stepped out of the house. Most times she never even opened her notebook, or she wouldn’t bring home any of the things on the list. This always provided entertainment and frustration for the entire family when she’s forgotten the basics such as milk or bread. I never thought I’d be that person – but I am, and I got it from my mamma!

And now I’ve just scratched out one item on my long list of blogs to write, boom!

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