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Websites like Buzzfeed have made the Internet a listier place (and one in which people can apparently just make up words like listier”). Here are some reasons why online content works in that format.

  1. Just like breaking up big, boring blocks of text up into paragraphs, quantifying the info in your online article will make it much easier for people to read and digest
  2. Telling the reader the number of points you are making in your article is also useful – the reader knows what to expect upfront, before even clicking on anything
  3. Lists do not have to be made up of a nice, rounded-off number of points. Odd numbers work just fine. (And yes, somebody has researched this)
  4. You have a better chance of somebody clicking through to your article if they know upfront that it is written in a shorter, more digestible format, like a list
  5. The format lends itself to skim-reading, which a lot of people do online. The easier you can make your content to read, and read quickly, the better
  6. As the writer of the list, you have to discipline yourself: lists force you to be brief, and to have separate, clear-cut ideas for each point you make
  7. Erm … 
  8. If you start running out of ideas, you can simply change the original number of the list
  9. Ummmm … 
  10. If words fail you, resort to funny gifs
  11. If gifs fail you, resort to LOLCATS!

Cat Does Not Like Your To Do List 1
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