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Flow is always open to students who are looking for live experience in the communications industry.

We take a hands-on approach to what we do, and we’ve hosted dozens of job-shadowers to date. This time we had two learners from the Dominican Convent School, who’ve shared their thoughts on the experience:

Tshepiso Motloung


That’s the very first thing I noticed, over the entrance to the Flow Communications building, when I arrived. From being very nervous just minutes before, I was put at ease by the smile of the first Flowstar I met. 

I recently found out about Flow Communications from my teacher, who told me about what it does and how it could open my eyes to what I could study in the media and communications industry.

At Flow, I was given a chance to show my photography and video skills. We were taken to the Sci-Bono Discovery Centre to cover the Lascaux cave exhibition – and thrown in the deep end. From that, I learnt that you should always be ready to work and do it well.

I also learnt, from the content team, about web design. I had the chance to do a user-experience test on a new site they were working on, and I soon discovered that paying attention to detail is important.

Flow’s corporate colour is pink. It’s said to be the colour of universal love, for oneself and for others. It’s a colour that symbolises compassion, love and nurturing. That is what Flow is.

And that is what you sense when you walk into Flow. You feel the bubbly energy that everyone has, you see the warm smiles and, most importantly, you notice the freedom and fun that everyone has when doing their work.

Being at Flow for two days has helped give me an idea of what working in the media industry is like. And it has also presented me with many interesting career paths that I can follow. And for that, I am grateful to all who made my visit enjoyable and worthwhile. I enjoyed being here!

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(Image: Flow Communications)

Sibusiso Simamane

Coming into the experience of job shadowing at Flow Communications, I had a set idea as to what I was looking for.

I was looking to broaden my outlook around what it means to be a content creator, and see how I could improve my self-taught photography skills. In a sense, I was looking for something that I had not yet seen and that I would not be able to accomplish alone.

The people of Flow Communications cover the premises with an energy that could immediately be felt when I walked in the door. It is one of family and hospitality.

You can sense the bonds everyone shares when they are conversing – or even when the office is dead silent, everyone busy with their own tasks. You can feel that they are all very kind and very hospitable: from Keith, who kept me company when I was hideously early, to Selinah and Kerry bringing us up to speed about Flow Communications, and the rest of the staff including us in their conversations.

What I gleaned in my first few hours at Flow was more than I had expected to learn in my whole two days there, from finding out everything a communications agency does to learning the unexpected – such as learning about the history of ancient rock art at the Sci-Bono Discovery Centre.

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(Image: Flow Communications)

My overall confidence was improved as a result of my experience. I was comfortable in the Flow environment, and everybody was willing to not only help but freely engage with me.

In short, my experience at Flow is one that I will never forget and one that I will dearly miss; the Flow family welcomed me into their space and fully immersed me in the world of communications.

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