Flow Communications

Lydia Madumo, a Grade 12 student from the Dominican Convent School in Johannesburg, recently spent a day interning at Flow. This is what she had to say about her experience:


I started off the day in a meeting with the writing team, which gave me a better idea of what happens in a boardroom. It was quite different from what I’d seen on television, where board meetings are rather serious. Here at Flow, I realised that meetings can be fun, and that laughter and a bit of teasing can help bring inspiration.

I had fun writing a few articles and doing research of my own, as well as finding out more about blogging and putting together websites for clients.

Spending a day at Flow made me realise how fun journalism can be. I enjoyed my day here and have decided that I still want to study journalism after I matriculate.

The Flow staff were fun to be around and really welcoming, and were willing to lend a helping hand whenever needed. They answered all my questions, which I found helpful in broadening my understanding of journalism and writing.

Thank you for the experience.

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