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Kiara put PR theory into practice during her week at Flow

I wish it was a case of being Peter Pan and constantly chasing my shadow, trying to get it back. But my week at Flow was a bit different: I was the shadow, and had to keep up with Cassidy Parker from Flow’s PR team.

I am a final-year communications student at North-West University and, as part of our degree, we have to gain practical work experience. I therefore had to shadow a public relations officer in order to complete my public relations course.

I was so nervous when I emailed Caroline Smith, head of Flow’s PR team, because I knew that getting an internship at Flow is very hard. What a surprise it was to get the news that my application was successful.

I was filled with wonder as I walked into Flow’s pink building. During the course of the week I participated in a number of brainstorming sessions and client meetings, and helped write and edit opinion pieces and media pitches. We also evaluated a potential client’s website and presented our findings and recommendations to the client.

Attending that meeting was like watching the ball being hit from one side of the net to the other at a tennis match; I have never heard so many different opinions in one group of people. Learning how to manage this was a great experience, and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

At university we learn the theory behind communications and PR, but working here has put everything into perspective. Shadowing has also taught me that my university is great; the things I have learnt there in theory, I have experienced in practice at Flow.

Doing an internship at Flow exceeded my expectations on so many levels, and the PR team started to feel like family to me. You guys are wonderful and are doing an excellent job.

It was also really fun being Cassidy’s shadow. Now, however, it’s time to go back to being Peter Pan – finding my own shadow.

Thank you to everyone at Flow for everything you have taught me.

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