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Legal&Tax (L&T) is an authorised financial services provider that offers legal, tax and health insurance products to thousands of customers nationwide.

L&T turned to Flow Communications to redevelop its website, with UX guidance and design from Turnbuckle Technologies.

We followed a process of user review, personal development, UX development, website development and iterative improvement. The site was launched in August 2019.

By June 2020 our year-on-year statistics revealed staggering increases in sign-ups and servicing requests:

  • 103% increase in users
  • 392% increase in sign-up requests and a 67% increase in product take-up
  • 586% increase in online servicing requests

The website refresh has therefore enhanced bottom-line revenue and profits for the business, and is seen as a core asset to L&T.


We completely redeveloped all content on the website to be more user-focused.

This included:

  • Clear product descriptions that differentiated each product and gave users a clear critical path to purchase. We surfaced the pricing per month up front on the navigation, to ensure users would be able to pick a product in their value range
  • Product pages that described the key benefits of each product and with clear calls to action
  • Comparison tables that give users clear product comparisons
  • An information hub made available to all users on topics such as Legal, Health and Money.

We believe content with engaging and empowering information will rank highly on Google. This informational area increased usership by 448% and on-page time by 48% year-on-year. We created 138 information hub articles over the period. Examples of such content include:

  • UIF submissions made easy
  • Do you feel unsafe when being pulled over by the police?
  • How to be Black Friday #winning
  • Divorce & co-parenting during the lockdown
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The information hub provides topic tags for users to drill down on topics that are important to them. We highlight key articles in a featured section under each topic (see image below).
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The website exhibits a high degree of creativity and innovation, from its fresh look and feel to its clear navigation, and tools that help users sign up and use L&T’s services:

  • The website sports a clean look and feel, with optimised use of imagery
  • We followed a mobile-first approach to design, and this has realised a massive gain in mobile usership. Legal & Tax targets a mid-LSM range of customers who use mid- to high-end phones, and we optimised to this market
  • We innovated with a fixed right-hand side sign-up bar that is in a fixed position. It is useful for both new users (sign-up) as well as existing user service requests

We also used a tabbed sidebar with clear calls to action, “I want cover” or “I need help”:

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  • We optimised the site for speed, increasing its Google Page Speed ranking from 24% to over 80%. This meant optimising functionality to a minimum viable product and reducing any unnecessary imagery, content or functionality
  • We introduced a three-step sign-up process that optimises for conversion. The first step of the form submission process asks for four key details: name, contact number, email address and province. After submission we take the user to step 2, which is an interactive product selection tool, and then finally step 3, which allows the person to subscribe via credit card or debit order. After step 1 we keep the user’s details, so that the call centre can follow up should the user fail at step 2 or step 3
  • We introduced a cookie tracking mechanism that allows us to track users to the site on repeat visits, as well as measure conversion through our leads funnel, enabling us to optimise digital spend not just on impressions, visits or leads, but on actual client sales
  • A live assistant was introduced to be manned by call centre agents, and supports users with instant answers to questions
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Results achieved

The insurance industry is highly competitive, and L&T set the following objectives:

  • Increase the number of users by 50% year-on-year (YOY)
  • Increase the number of service requests by 50% YOY
  • Increase the number of sign-up requests by 50% YOY

The site went live in August 2019. Compared with the month of June 2019, the following year-on-year stats were achieved in June 2020:

  • 103% increase in users
  • 250% increase in mobile users
  • 218% increase in online service requests
  • 492% increase in online sign-up requests (from 66 to 325 sign-up requests)
  • 448% increase in info hub accesses (a key content marketing aspect of the site)

The results demonstrate that UX-focused, user-centric design can result in massive growth in usage and conversions.


L&T recognised the need for a total overhaul of its old website, which had a number of challenges regarding accessibility, site speed, conversion rates and mobile experience. A major strategic change of focus was optimising the site for the user rather than for the organisation.

The navigation was changed from an organisational focus (e.g. About us/Meet the team) to a product focus, as we wanted to increase conversions.

The navigation was split into two core areas – product selection and sign-up/information.

The three product areas are clear and distinct, and allow users to quickly select their product of choice.

Additionally, a right-hand side sidebar sign-up form is always present.

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