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For the past few years, the Road Accident Fund’s (RAF) #AlwaysRemember campaign has played a huge part in festive season road safety awareness.

The RAF contracted Flow to conceptualise and deliver all aspects of the campaign, including television, online, activations and internal communication.

The objectives of the 2019/20 campaign were:

  • To caution road users to be safe on the roads
  • To create talkability and drive high message recall in the market
  • To remind the public to claim directly from the RAF should they be injured in a car accident
  • To position the key campaign message among RAF employees through an effective internal communications campaign, and to mobilise staff to be ambassadors for the campaign and the RAF

On 23 January 2020, Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula announced that road traffic fatalities during the 2019/20 festive season were down 3% on the previous year. While this obviously cannot be attributed to any communications campaign in isolation, we are proud to have played our part in creating awareness and providing important information.

For every rand spent by the Road Accident Fund on the 2019/20 #AlwaysRemember campaign, seven people were reached through television, social media and activations.

Furthermore, the campaign helped to position the RAF, which has faced various reputational issues in the past few years, as a modern, responsive, human organisation, both internally and externally.


Flow’s approach was to launch the campaign just ahead of the festive season, while South Africans were still planning or preparing for their road trips, and to sustain the momentum throughout December and early January while people were on holiday and travelling.

The hashtag #AlwaysRemember has been used by the RAF for a number of years. Flow wanted to hold onto the power of a recognisable hashtag. With a focus on getting to a destination, #AlwaysRemember became a catalyst to remind road users to take caution on the roads, to ensure that they reached their destinations during the festive season.

The concept: #AlwaysRemember to take care to get there this festive season.

Our integrated campaign included a mix of the following:

  • Three television commercials that also served as YouTube adverts
  • Internal activations with RAF staff
  • An internal microsite for RAF staff to express their appreciation for each other
  • External activations at high-traffic locations just before the peak traffic flow started
  • An influencer campaign on Twitter
  • Digital banners distributed via Google AdWords
  • Paid content on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter
  • Organic content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn
  • An online competition around road safety awareness encouraged social media users to tag the Road Accident Fund in content about their safe travels across South Africa, using the #AlwaysRemember hashtag


It was very important for campaign content to strike a balance between appealing to emotions, as well as providing information.

Because the RAF has been running festive season road safety awareness campaigns for many years, it was important to find new ways of generating conversations, while still keeping the memorable hashtag: #AlwaysRemember.

With the concept Take care to get there this festive season, the theme of the videos used in television and YouTube commercials was “choices impact lives” – making a wrong choice on the roads could mean not reaching a destination. In each of the television commercials, for example, a split screen showed different outcomes that Mrs Khumalo and her family faced, depending on decisions she took while driving. The correct choice resulted in the Khumalo family reaching Gogo’s house in episode 3 of the ad series.

Social media content was strongly driven by users and influencers, to give a human voice to the important messaging.


To improve turnaround times from a community management perspective, an autoresponder, named Christopher, was programmed to immediately respond to tweets about road trips and holidays, etc. Our human community managers did, however, respond to anything that required a more detailed answer.

A WhatsApp bot was developed to encourage users to engage with the campaign content and to find out information about how to claim from the RAF after being in an accident.

An internal campaign aimed at getting staff to show their appreciation of their colleagues was highly creative and successful. A microsite for RAF staff attracted 1 063 dedications from a staff count of 3 200 in a period of 10 days. More than half of all staff attended karaoke and quiz activations we set up and ran in all six of the RAF’s regional offices.

The feedback showed that the internal audience, previously disengaged and unmotivated, truly loved the sessions.

Below is some of the feedback we received from managers on these internal events:

  • “Everyone had fun, and felt that it was something different and got them to relax”
  • “Only good. It ran on time, the MC was great, the prizes were awesome and so were the games”
  • “The employees were very happy and they showed much interest as to when are we having the next event, as there was humour, fun, love and entertainment all in one day”
  • “All the feedback from the employees was positive. We did not experience or encounter any negative feedback”


The campaign reached approximately 33-million people: 27-million through television and six million through digital.

Results achieved

Below are some of the highlight results:

  • More than 33-million people reached
  • Around 19-million Twitter impressions were generated by selected influencers
  • A total of 17 000 informational leaflets were handed out at intersections across South Africa – each one delivered with a complimentary lollipop to enhance the engagement with the motorist
  • More than 3 500 online competition entries were received
  • Facebook videos were watched for more than 2 200 minutes (37 hours) during the campaign period
  • Hundreds of RAF staff in all eight regional offices around the country took part in internal activations around the theme “We Care”. We called on staff to show their appreciation for their colleagues through thoughtful anonymous notes and music relating to love, friendship, caring and teamwork. This culminated in a fun staff event at each office from 8 to 14 February 2020, where we had a karaoke competition and an interactive game show, with prizes up for grabs
Twitter impressions
3 500
Online competition entries
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