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Employee induction is not only crucial for seamless integration of new staff into a company, but also necessary for the success of the organisation.

However, the Covid-19 pandemic completely changed the way businesses function, forcing a move away from traditional office environments into virtual spaces. Globally, companies had to introduce remote working, making the hiring process (and many other internal processes) tricky to manage.

And since filling vacancies couldn’t come to a complete halt, human resources administrators had to find ways to make virtual induction processes seamless through useful technologies and adopting new practices.

Flow managed to do this with great success and ensured a continuous flow of profitable work. 

Three new Flowstars share how they have found the experience of remote induction and how they have had to adjust to the new way of working. They also have useful tips and tricks for other newbies starting at 100% remote working companies.

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Nontobeko Zuma.

Nontobeko Zuma, project manager (started on 1 November 2021):

“Getting started was a seamless process: my laptop was ready and set up for me and the IT team was very helpful. Having daily “check-ins” and training on internal processes with Gail Tanner [head of project management] has made a world of difference.”


“You only get one chance to make a good impression, whether at work, with clients or in social settings, and it’s usually not difficult to read the room in terms of people’s first perceptions of you. However, with working online, it’s sometimes not easy to gauge how you come across to the person on the other side of your monitor. Also, initiating conversation or asking a colleague you haven’t met in person a quick question, even if it’s via online chat or email, feels a bit too formal, unlike bumping into them in a hallway or office kitchen and having a quick chat.”

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Keabetsoe Tau.

Keabetsoe Tau, designer (started on 11 October 2021):

“Starting a new job will always be daunting for me: meeting new people, getting settled into the position and learning how the company operates in general – perhaps even more so when you start work at a remote working company. But luckily for me, Flow Communications made it so easy. Within the first week of joining, I had virtual meetings with the various departments and one-on-one chats with everyone in my team so we could get to know each other.”


“The biggest challenge was getting used to the workflow process and using cloud-based storage to save and share documents. I was used to just having everything on my working machine and not storing on a cloud or using Google Drive to send files. Conveniently, head of design Elmarie Nel has a manual explaining the process.

“I also liked the fact that all Flow staff are available to call and talk to whenever I need help, which is awesome because working remotely denies you access to direct communication. This comes in handy if you’re working on a project and need to liaise with team members working on the same project.

“Other than that, I did not experience many challenges because everyone has been so awesome and helpful. We have daily morning meetings with the entire company and later the departments have their own meetings, just so they can check up on how everyone is doing with regard to work and personally.”

Lindiwe Masinga.

Lindiwe Masinga, content producer (started on 25 October 2021):

“I’ve been at Flow for a month now – I still can’t believe how time flies! – and I can happily say I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. I’ve learnt so many new things in this short space of time, which makes me excited about the future. I’ve met amazing people who are kind and helpful, which is usually what you worry about when you start a new job.”


“I worked remotely at my previous company, so that wasn’t much of a change. The only difference is that I worked in the field – at press briefings, events, etc. – and I could do everything off my phone. I’m still getting used to relying on my laptop so much, and using cloud-based storage like Google Workspace.”

Flowstars give five tips to successfully adjust in a new workplace in the time of Covid-19

  • Familiarise yourself with the company’s working equipment and technology and its internal processes early on. That means asking lots of questions, which may be intimidating at first, but communicating is better than sitting in silence and not getting work done. Try to get to know your colleagues, so it’s easier for you to ask for help when you need it

  • Don’t be afraid to reach out to your colleagues, whether it’s to make friends or to ask for help. I was lucky enough to have people reaching out to me, which gave me the courage to drop someone a mail or Chat, or even a WhatsApp.

  • Develop self-discipline and manage your time efficiently: it’s easy to feel comfortable and forget that you still need to deliver when you work from home. No one is babysitting you, so the onus is on you to be diligent and complete your work

  • Communicate with your manager and team frequently: it’s a relief knowing you can talk to people from work about anything if you have a problem. Maybe they’ve faced the same issue before and can assist you

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