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Flow was this year again privileged to work with our amazing school clients to create school books and magazines for them. In spite of the challenges brought by the Covid-19 lockdown, we managed to produce some beautiful publications for the institutions.

St David’s Marist Inanda – 2019 Yearbook

St Davids 2019 cover
The St David’s Marist Inanda 2019 Yearbook.

Flow Communications has just completed the St David’s Marist Inanda 2019 Yearbook. The work involved coming up with a concept for the yearbook, editing, subbing, design and layout.

This was the third year that Flow has produced the publication for St David’s.

“This year’s bumper 338-page edition is particularly special, as it was done during the various levels of the lockdown, says Flow project manager Ella Marren.

“It’s always a pleasure to work with the team at St David’s and special thanks to [senior deputy head] Dave Smith for his help and assistance and the precision with which the project was carried out. 

“We’re always so proud to be associated with the school.”

Dominican Convent School – 2020 magazine

DCS 2020 mag cover
The Dominican Convent School 2020 magazine.

Dominican Convent School (DCS) is one of Flow’s long-standing clients – Flow has been producing its annual magazines for the past 10 years. The publication showcases the school’s activities and accomplishments over the year.

The DCS magazine has been a collaborative effort since 2017, with the client taking responsibility for the design and layout, and Flow handling content editing and printing.

“This year, Flow did the design and layout, content editing and printing. The design incorporated beautiful photographs of the learners, which gave it a really personal touch,” says Ella.

The theme of the 2020 annual magazine is “the drumbeat”.

DCS head editor Sandi Leuta says: “One thing I take from 2020 is that life is a drumbeat to be heard. As the African proverb says, ‘When the rhythm of the drumbeat changes, the pace of the dance step must adapt.’ The whole world has done this without even thinking about it. This magazine issue is a very special mirror of adapting the dance steps.”

St John’s College – The Junior Johannian annual magazine

Junior J 2020 school mags cover
The Junior Johannian.

Flow has produced The Junior Johannian annual magazine for St John’s College since 2016. It chronicles the academic, sporting and cultural life of the school’s students.

This is not the first year that Flow has produced a digital (e-book) version of the magazine, which comprises 388 pages in total, with nearly 300 interactive videos showcasing learner activities and classwork.

“The project ran smoothly. It’s always a pleasure to work with the team from St John’s Preparatory and Pre-Preparatory School and The Bridge Nursery School, and I would like to praise the team for their hard work and efficiency in assisting Flow to put this book together,” says Ella.

Holy Family College – 2020 magazine

Holy Family cover
The Holy Family College 2020 Annual Magazine.

Flow was delighted when one of our longstanding clients, Paul Horn, approached us to assist with the 2020 magazine at his new school, Holy Family College.

“The Holy Family College 2020 Annual Magazine is a full-colour, 44-page A4 product,” explains Flow project manager Ros Caboz. “The design incorporates some beautiful photographic images of learners at the school, which gives it a really personal touch.

“Flow has always worked collaboratively with Paul in producing school magazines and he always does a brilliant job of creating a top-quality design and layout for the magazines. Flow managed the final content check and print production for the publication,” adds Ros.

“The magazine was printed and delivered a day before the deadline and the client was pleased with the quality of the final product.”

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