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Nthabiseng Shongwe speaks of her experience interning at Flow Communications during her school holidays over a period of three years. In this piece, she says goodbye as she prepares for a new chapter in her life as a student at Monash South Africa.

Nthabi 2
Nthabiseng Shongwe

It all started three years ago with an opportunity called “work experience”. As a young 16 year old I sort of knew what I wanted to do and what field I was going to enter, and so I looked around for a place to go. I found Flow. Three years and many short stints in the writers’ studio later and I’ve met many new faces but still have the same sign-in password. Three years later and I am the permanent intern who loves Flow.

Over the years, I’ve sometimes felt strange meeting new faces but have never forgotten old ones. Besides, it only ever takes 10 seconds to feel like I am at home. It also only takes 10 seconds for my work to begin (we don’t waste time).

Mornings can be difficult when early, but the Rooibos tea is never in short supply, and I am always given the nicest things to write about and often find out something new from my research. They say that when you love what you do you will never work a day in your life. In which case you could say I’m the permanent intern who’s never had to work (and so forgets to log her time accordingly).

Lunch time is always entertaining and often ends in laughter. In fact, there’s not a day at Flow I don’t laugh – and given the great environment and wonderful people here, there is always something to smile about.

Sadly it looks as though 2011 may be the end of my permanent status as I move on to university. It saddens me knowing that I will soon “lose”my job but I hope always to have a place here. I’ve chosen to study in the marketing, communications and media studies field, and I know that my time at Flow has given me a glimpse into my future career. Here’s to the next three years, then. May it be filled with just as many friendly faces and workless hours.

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