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She crochets, plays the ukulele, cracks cheesy jokes, and is working on perfecting her bread-making skills. Nadia Moore, one of Flow’s new Cape Town stars, tells us some fun facts about herself.

Introducing Nadia

The new girl Nadia 2
Nadia Moore, pictured during her first month as a Flowstar. (Image: Flow Communications)

I’m Nadia, one of the newest Cape Town Flowstars. Let’s start with a few fun facts about me:

  1. I hail from Eshowe, a small KwaZulu-Natal town. Sneeze, cough, blink or yawn while driving and you’ll miss it.
  2. My great-great-grandfather was an interesting dude named John Dunn. He had 48 wives and 117 children. To say I have many cousins is an understatement.
  3. I crochet, play the ukulele, crack cheesy jokes, and am working on perfecting my bread-making skills. Next goal? To make excellent butter for the said loaf.
  4. While studying, I wanted to work as a journalist in war-torn countries. My family members are glad that dream has since been replaced.
  5. I’m terrible at learning languages, even though I have studied the basics of Afrikaans, Zulu, Xhosa and Korean. I can’t speak any of these languages fluently, but my name written in Korean looks like this: 나 디 아

Why the decision to go with the Flow?

So, what attracted me to this pink digital space and what are my hopes for the future at Flow?

Firstly, my time here so far has been a whirlwind! I came from an in-house organisation that dealt with one product, and this product I knew well. Now, I’m becoming proficient in many topics, for several clients, in a digital space that moves faster than a Golden Arrow bus zipping down Main Road in Cape Town.

The challenge of having to produce creative and informative content for my clients weekly has been more enjoyable than I had anticipated, and some of my ongoing tasks thus far have been:

  • Researching and writing blogs for Mango Airlines
  • Creating Wesgro attraction pieces
  • Compiling Table Mountain Aerial Cableway newsletters and blog content
  • Managing Wits Business School’s social media accounts (this one is a new assignment)

I’ve been using various opportunities while working in the field to refamiliarise myself with the art of taking good photos. I’m also dabbling in videography as I am no expert, but I like that Flow gives you an opportunity to learn and apply yourself.

Last year, I got a chance to work alongside fellow Cape Town Flowstar Pakamani Nombila, covering the Primestars youth development programme’s awards ceremony in Krugersdorp, west of Johannesburg. While tweeting, Facebooking, writing and taking photos for Primestars, we were able to get the hashtags #NationalYouthAwards and #StepUp2019 to trend on Twitter. It was an excellent way to start my time at Flow while learning hands-on from Pakamani.

Nadia and PK
Nadia with fellow Flowstar Pakamani Nombila. (Image: Flow Communications)

It’s only been two months since I started working for Flow, but every time I submit an article to the subbing team, I’m amazed at how they turn my writing into a fountain of grandeur after it resembled a puddle on the floor. Their questions and suggestions encourage me to think deeper and try to do better with each piece. Thanks, subs!

I’ve also been tasked with writing Flow’s internal quarterly newsletter. We’ll be highlighting content produced for clients, keeping a finger on the pulse of digital trends and running fun quizzes in the newsletters this year. I look forward to learning from and working alongside Flow CEO Tara Turkington, as we compile each edition.

The greatest Flow attributes are ...

Interacting with people brings me the most joy. Seeing how Flow cares for its staff, how attention to the smallest detail is considered and how people treat each other in the company have all made the greatest impression on me.

Here in Cape Town, Sarah-Jane Viljoen, Libby Peacock, Riefkah Adams and Pakamani Nombila have made me feel welcome and instantly part of the team. (And now, new Cape Town colleague Cara Wares has also joined us.)

In a short space of time, we’ve had a fun team outing to the Clay Café; shared coffees, cupcakes and chats while admiring Lion’s Head; and Riefkah has introduced me to several foodie spots in town. Keep an eye out for my tweets or Instagram posts that highlight Riefkah’s culinary recommendations in Cape Town – #RiefkahsRecommendations!

Whats App Image 2020 01 13 at 15 58 58
Nadia having lunch with fellow Flowstars in Cape Town. (Image: Flow Communications)

I’m excited to develop as a content writer and social media whizz, while sharpening my photography and video skills, too. It’s been a pleasure working as part of the content team so far, and I can’t wait to stretch my skills in 2020 as a Flowstar.

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