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If you’ve experienced media training at Flow Communications, you’ll know that you walk away viewing the news in a completely different way.

From helping you to understand the shift in newsrooms over the past decade and to get a sense of what journalists are looking for, and why they ask the questions they ask, to having you brave practice interviews with well-known broadcast journalists, our sessions are memorable, informative and engaging.

Some of South Africa’s top interviewers, including veteran journalist Kate Turkington and experienced broadcasters David O’Sullivan and Camilla Bath, are part of our training team.

They’re joined by Flow’s own team of former journalists and editors, including Edwina van der Burg, Sue Blaine, Christina Kennedy, Willem Steenkamp and Thrishni Subramoney. Together, this team has more than a century’s worth of experience in journalism.

Staying sharp in the time of Covid-19

Covid-19 has changed the way every industry in the world operates, and the media has been no different.

Switch on your television and you’ll see more Skype and Zoom interviews on bulletins than ever before. It’s a situation that brings with it the need to adapt and update your skills, because times have indeed changed.

Yet, here’s what has stayed the same: whether you’re sitting in a studio for an interview or connecting online to do an interview via Zoom or Skype, your ability to answer questions clearly and effectively, and convey your key messages in an interesting and memorable way, will still make or break your media interactions.

And your media interactions can still make or break the way members of the public perceive your organisation.

A powerful new virtual format

The Flow team switched to working remotely about two weeks before level 5 lockdown was announced in South Africa in March.

Because our operations were designed with flexible and remote working in mind, we were able to make the transition pretty seamlessly. Our media training also went virtual, making this service more convenient and accessible than ever before (particularly for our clients with team members in other countries).

The completely virtual format features interactive theory sessions, as well as tough, realistic recorded interviews with a professional broadcast journalist. As part of the training, you’ll also learn how to handle issues such as lighting and camera position when you’re doing an interview remotely.

Virtual presentation training

In addition, Flow’s skills in the virtual environment have also allowed us to offer our services to organisations looking to learn how to present, meet and run webinars. We also offer social media and crisis-communications training.

Email thrishni@flowsa.com or maria@flowsa.com to find out more.

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