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It is always a delight to work with a client whose values are so closely aligned with our own. Standard Bank’s new internal drive is all about unlocking Africa’s potential, something that also motivates us at Flow.

SEE More is about considering the social, economic and environmental impact Standard Bank can achieve through its staff and customers. (Image: Flow Communications)

The bank’s approach to sustainability recently shifted from asking staff to “Do Your Bit” to a more holistic approach – the new “SEE More” initiative is about considering the social, economic and environmental impact the bank can achieve through its staff and customers, with the broader aim of having a sustainable business and assisting Africa’s growth.

Flow was approached to assist with an internal campaign to raise awareness among Standard Bank employees as to what the SEE More initiative stands for, and to reinforce the messaging that Standard Bank is all about shared values and building our continent.

We created a visual identity for the campaign that helped tell the story of what SEE stands for (i.e. social, economic and environmental value). Adding vibrant, significant imagery to each letter showed the relevant focus.

The letters from the logo became the basis of the physical activation, and were blown up to 2m in height and used as the focal point for exhibition displays at numerous Standard Bank offices.

See Logo Final V2 3
The SEE More logo.

The physical activation and its accompanying staff competition were aimed at driving staff to a customised mini-site, where the full story of SEEing More is told.

Over a working week, the activation was moved to five different Standard Bank offices to reach as many staff members as possible.

Activations and events such as these really allow Flow to capitalise on the range of skills we offer: from conceptualisation, content creation, design, programming and simple video production, to supplier coordination, and project and logistics management, we’ve got it all.

One of the best aspects of a campaign such as this is being able to watch and assess how the market engages with the various communication channels. Interpersonal communication is still an effective channel and incentives are definitely a good hook. Having a digital interface as a support channel to messaging remains a good solution, allowing people to follow up and learn more at their own leisure.

The requirement of this campaign was to raise awareness among Standard Bank staff as to how they are all part of SEEing More, and through this contributing to Africa’s growth. At Flow we are happy to contribute in our own way to this process as Africa is our home too, and we are happy in any way to help her achieve her potential.

Winner4 1 1
Winners of virtual-reality headsets in an internal competition aimed at driving staff to a customised mini-site. (Image: Flow Communications)
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