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The South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions (SACNASP) is the regulatory body for natural science practitioners in South Africa and a client for which Flow created a dedicated web application membership portal.

The brief from SACNASP was to create an app that could be used by its 14 000 registered members while also accommodating future members. Access via the app would enable members to carry out common tasks such as online payments without having to call on a member of the administration team.

Sacnasp 2
The SACNASP portal interface. (Image: SACNASP)

The aim of the app was to reduce time spent on administration and increase cash flow by incentivising members to settle their accounts in order to access features such as certificate downloads.

As SACNASP operations manager Sarah van Aardt explains: “The application has taken a number of labour-intensive processes and made them seamless and largely automated. This will ultimately speed up the registration process and reduce the number of errors.”

Processes being used by SACNASP prior to the launch of the app were time-consuming and error-prone, and made no provision for online payments, she says.

Since the launch of the app in 2018, SACNASP has seen more than 3 000 registration applications, 121 online upgrades, more than 1 300 certificates downloaded and, best of all, 672 online payments bringing in R600 000 in revenue.

“We have also seen an increase in new applications since the launch, due to the ease of use of the system,” says Van Aardt.

SACNASP’s new tool showcases the potential for web applications to deliver real business value by tapping into existing business data, and displaying it in a way that is practical and accessible to the end user.

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