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Setting up a new desk space at a new workplace is always filled with mixed emotions – excitement, fear, hope, anxiety – but the four Flowstars who have joined us since December say they feel welcomed.

That’s a big part of what we do – welcome new colleagues, new clients and new ideas, and make sure anyone new is given a big, pink, Flow welcome.

In fact, the enthusiasm of the Flow welcome took our newest business developer, Welile Phakathi, by surprise, as did the cohesiveness of our team of more than 60.

“Everyone at Flow is friends with everyone and the bond that is shared with one another is truly amazing,” says Welile. “It’s not something that you usually see at companies and the amount of support that everyone is willing to give is beautiful.”

Flow Communications’ newest business developer, Welile Phakathi, says she was pleasantly surprised at how everyone at Flow is friendly with everyone else. (Image: Flow Communications)

Also glowing pinkly is intern Nipho Tshabalala, who says the Johannesburg Flowstars have made her feel “like I’m part of the family”. Once a Flowstar, always a Flowstar, Nipho! That’s what we say. (Nipho is working in our administration office.)

Flow’s project management team welcomed Tumi Mpakanyane to the fold, an experience he describes as filled with “the overwhelming kindness and welcoming nature of every Flowstar in the building. Everyone has made an effort to learn something about me while offering key pieces of advice on how to be successful here.”

And that brings us to Lerato Thoabala, who has joined Flow’s design team and who says he’s adjusted well. “I’m very impressed by the processes in the company so far. I’m finding it easy to access all the information I require,” he says.

Along with our new Flowstars, we are rolling up our sleeves with some fascinating new clients. Flow developers are working on new websites for, among others, the Apartheid Museum and the National Intellectual Property Management Office. Meanwhile, our social media whizzes are working on dynamic new digital strategies for Gautrain and Wesgro, and we’re redesigning Wesgro’s website, too.

At Flow we take our work seriously, but have as much fun as possible while doing it. This is made easier when you work with interesting clients such as the Nelson Mandela Foundation, Sasol, the State Information Technology Agency and the Industrial Development Corporation. Our history with the foundation reaches back over a decade, during which time we have helped it redesign its website several times. We also provide it with public relations, event coverage, content development and social media services.

As you can see, Flowdays are just packed with busyness. But Lerato says he feels his introduction was cushioned by his being able to access information using our internal databases

Outside of work Tumi keeps up a travel blog and exercises his photographic skills. He says, however, that he’s happiest when he’s exercising. Nipho’s similarly inclined – she loves dancing – as is Welile, who says she loves swimming so much she might as well live in water. As for Lerato, he loves a good tune so much he’s toying with the idea of DJ lessons.

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