Flow Communications

I spent a week at Flow Communications and learned about working in a creative space. I never imagined that I would spend my school holidays doing something other than sleeping until noon and leaving my room only to eat, but I did. My mother convinced me to keep busy and spend a week working at Flow. It might have only been a week, but it was an important learning experience.

The first thing I noticed at the entrance of Flow was one of many shades of pink and a welcoming smile. My expectations of spending a week filing boring documents were immediately thrown out of the window. I was buzzing with excitement and ready for a fun and challenging week.

The people at Flow are welcoming and helpful. They helped me get settled in and showed me the ropes. They taught me that communication is an important part of producing your best work and creating an inspiring workspace.

While I was at Flow, I spent my time writing blogs and learning how to upload them. I had the opportunity to attend a Road Accident Fund activation, where I attempted to use a camera properly. There were times when I was confused, but there was a team behind me that was always willing to help out.

I’ve never been a fan of pink, but through Flow I’ve learned to embrace the colour as an expression of passion and an upbeat working environment.

My time at Flow has been an exciting learning opportunity from start to finish. This was an inspiring introduction to the workplace and I’ve been prepared to move forward and explore future opportunities with confidence and an open mind. I’ll always be grateful for the chance to learn more than I thought I ever could in the space of a week, and I will always look back on my time at Flow with a smile.

  • Kelly Nankervis is a learner at St Peter’s College in Johannesburg
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