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MalaMala is South Africa’s oldest private game reserve and the first to do away with hunting, encouraging guests to shoot with their cameras instead. Set in lush Lowveld adjoining the Kruger National Park, MalaMala is home to an abundance of wildlife.

At Flow we count this beautiful game reserve as one of our most prestigious clients. The selection of images below illustrates why we love working with this iconic wildlife destination.

A curious baby elephant approaches the game vehicle. (Image: Flow Communications)
Scene from a hilltop: the Garden of Eden. (Image: Flow Communications)
A male lion in his prime. (Image: Flow Communications)
Elephants are raised in breeding herds dominated by females. Mature males leave the herd to live on their own or in small groups. (Image: Flow Communications)
Guests are treated to two game drives daily, morning and evening. Here, a leopard is seen feeding on its prey during an evening drive. (Image: Flow Communications)
A morning coffee break on a game drive. Everything at MalaMala is done with great attention to detail. (Image: Flow Communications)
The interior of a room at Sable Camp, MalaMala. (Image: Flow Communications)
Detail on an African basket.
The recently refurbished Sable Camp. (Image: Flow Communications)
A magnificent nyala bull. (Image: Flow Communications)
MalaMala is famous for its big cats. Expect to see lion and leopard during your stay. (Image: Flow Communications)
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A spotted hyena on a nocturnal prowl. (Image: Flow Communications)
A Burchell's zebra in lush bush typical of MalaMala. (Image: Flow Communications)
192A6109 1
MalaMala's friendly waitresses. (Image: Flow Communications)
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A water thick-knee (previously known as a water dikkop or “thick head”). (Image: Flow Communications)
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The stately entrance to Rattray's Camp at MalaMala. (Image: Flow Communications)
192A6185 1
Room interior at Rattray's Camp. (Image: Flow Communications)
A male elephant enjoys a dust bath. (Image: Flow Communications)
Baby elephants are protected by the herd. (Image: Flow Communications)
192A6211 1
A magnificent bateleur, a species of eagle closely related to the snake eagle. (Image: Flow Communications)
192A6344 2
The MalaMala gift shop at the main camp stocks high-quality, locally produced handicrafts. (Image: Flow Communications)
Sunset in the African bush: the most special time of day. (Image: Flow Communications)
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