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It takes hard work to build a successful brand, and yet it’s extremely easy to break one down. An insensitive tweet, a poorly written blog or even shoddy design work that does not fit a corporate image can quickly hurt the credibility of an established brand. 

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Flowstars Ingrid Sinclair, Leon Jamarie, Leanne Pohlmann and Roy Barford with members of Splash PR at the New7Wonders of Nature unveiling

At Flow we understand this, which is why the brand image of our clients lies at the forefront of all the work we do. Our attention to detail has led to many success stories across different media platforms for different campaigns.

More often than not it takes a very long time – and more than just a digital marketing strategy – to build up significant brand equity. But every now and then a little gem comes along that works almost instantly,” says Flow’s writing studio manager, Colin Ford.

A recent example of one of these gems was the Vote for Table Mountain campaign. We were approached by the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway Company, one of our Cape Town clients, to assist with a digital marketing campaign to promote Table Mountain as one of the New7Wonders of Nature.

Essentially Vote for Table Mountain was a new brand’, although it was helped enormously by the fact that it was attached to such an iconic South African landmark,” says Colin. But in a few short months, using mostly digital communication channels – a website, active social networks and an online voting mechanism – our mountain was selected as one of the New7Wonders of Nature.”

Flow strategist Kevin Collins points to the phenomenal growth seen on the Twitter account of South African Tourism (SAT) since Flow began managing its social media and assisting with web content.

On a daily basis, we are tasked with building the international brand of SAT, and we do this superbly by interacting, responding and carefully utilising user-generated content to reach the objectives of selling South Africa and its tourism experiences,” says Kevin.

When Flow took over social media responsibilities for the client, its Twitter following stood at 12 000. In the space of just more than five months, we grew that following to 20 595 (as of 12 September 2012).

But at Flow, we go far beyond just the numbers. 

Says Caroline Smith of Flow PR: I think that Flow people really live our clients’ brands – whether it’s all of us participating in the Afrika Tikkun Walk the Talk team, or the way we used Etana’s sponsorship of the Olympic gold-medal-winning rowing team to generate publicity for Etana and awesome content for at least five other clients’ websites. 

We embody the communication goals of our clients and are constantly looking for opportunities to further those goals in innovative (and sometimes challenging) ways.”

Gianluca Tucci of the Etana brand team agrees. 

The dynamic team at Flow strives in every way to engage with the Etana brand. Beyond assisting us to drive and build our online footprint, they live and breathe the brand by integrating and sharing all they do via their various online platforms. This allows a mutual growth and resonates with our Make it Happen’ mindset!”

We have grown the South African Tourism brand significantly on social media platforms
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