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In 2018, leading remuneration, organisation development and change consultancy 21st Century approached Flow to develop a survey application on its behalf.

21st Century is in the business of creating surveys that benchmark rewards and remuneration practices in the public and private sectors. It had previously been using a combination of third-party tools to gather, analyse and present its findings, so its brief to Flow was to create an end-to-end system that would perform the survey task seamlessly.

21st 1
An example of a survey questionnaire from the app. (Image: 21st Century Surveys)

The final product rolled out for our client has resulted in a 50% increase in efficiency in the development and distribution of surveys.

The app enables 21st Century to create multipage online surveys that can be customised to suit different industries. It uses an email distribution module that enables the selection of companies and allows new companies to be added to the 21st Century database.

“By replacing several different types of software with a service application, we’ve been able to reduce ongoing costs. We expect to recoup the initial investment within five years due to these savings alone,” says 21st Century executive director Morag Phillips.

Delivery reports and survey responses have also been built into the system and data from campaigns is funnelled into an automated reporting system that can be modified at will and exported as Excel and PDF documents.

Now that the company has its own bespoke set-up, 21st Century owns the intellectual property rights and is in full control of its new system.

Although it didn’t win an award for Flow, the 21st Century surveys app was one of 22 Flow entries shortlisted for the 2019 New Generation Social & Digital Media Awards – in the Most Innovative App by an Agency category.

“It has been a pleasure to work with Flow – our experience of the developers and management team is that they’re very strong listeners before they even start the work; this has meant that the output meets and exceeds expectations,” says Phillips.

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