Flow Communications

We’re happy to announce that Flow received notice last week that it has retained its level 2 broad-based black economic empowerment (B-BBEE) rating.

“This is fantastic news,” says CEO Tara Turkington. “It’s fantastic news not only because we give our clients the benefit of working with a B-BBEE level 2 service provider, but also because Flow is fully committed to diversity, inclusion and embracing both the principles and practice of socio-economic transformation. Our B-BBEE rating confirms that we’re walking this talk and making diversity work in our agency.”

Diversity, she adds, is more than a nice-to-have or a box to tick: especially in the marketing and communications environment. “The Flow team is a microcosm of South Africa’s cultures, genders, generations and faiths. When we go to work for a client, we are confident that the diversity of the people who contribute to devising and implementing campaigns understand the South African market. It ensures that our work is on target, appropriate, relevant and impactful. This is the real benefit of diversity. The B-BBEE certificate is formal confirmation that we’re getting it right.”

Being a level 2 B-BBEE-rated agency means Flow’s clients enjoy 125% recognition for their investment in the agency’s communications and marketing services: a great shot in the arm for those as committed as Flow is to diversity, Tara adds.

Flow is 28% black-owned. The agency’s rating is as per the Marketing, Advertising and Communications Sector Code and remains valid until December 2021.

If you are a Flow client and would like a copy of the certificate, please email us: info@flowsa.com.

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