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The decision about where the launch of veteran broadcaster and travel writer Kate Turkington’s latest book, Yes Really!, would take place was a no-brainer – at the Flow Communications offices, of course! After all, she is the fabulous mum of Flow CEO Tara Turkington and MD Tiffany Turkington, and one of Flow’s leading media trainers. And what a launch it was.

Guests began arriving shortly after 4pm on Thursday 10 May and the event room was soon packed to capacity with family, friends and special guests. Kick-starting the launch, MC Gareth Cliff pondered whether Kate was a national treasure or a Unesco World Heritage Site. He spoke with genuine fondness of how much he had learned from her since they first met when he, at the tender age of 20, began producing her 702 Sunday talk show, Believe it or Not.

“It’s a most unpredictable book,” Gareth told the guests, a sentiment that was borne out by Tara and Tiffany (“the third and fourth of Kate’s four children”), who co-wrote a chapter in the book.

Tara describes the book in a tweet as an “extraordinary life story. But then [Mum] is an extraordinary woman, by anyone’s book! #YesReally.”

“Without Mum we would have no juicy stories to tell,” said Tiffany, before jokingly adding that Yes, Really! is an exposition of the family’s “complete skeletons”.

And what juicy skeletons! Love letters from long-ago lovers, a fling with a vicar-to-be and the tale of a magic witches’ potion are just some of the stories readers can look forward to.

Cover Image
Yes, Really! A Life.
Regina Anthony and Bella Marques. (Image: Flow Communications)
Kate Turkington and Nirvani Pillay. (Image: Flow Communications)
Kate Turkington signs a book for Mothomang Diaho while Flow's chairman, Bheki Shongwe, enjoys the moment. (Image: Flow Communications)
Camilla Bath and Melanie-Ann Feris. (Image: Flow Communications)
Khanyi Chaba. (Image: Flow Communications)
Sue Symondson, Tico Poplak, Tara Turkington and Sarah Pratt (Kate's eldest daughter). (Image: Flow Communications)
Kate Turkington enjoys a moment. Tiffany Turkington's face: #Priceless! (Image: Flow Communications)
Roy Barford and Christine Tworeck. (Image: Flow Communications)
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