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We love it when a brand that’s not yet launched comes to Flow and asks us to work with it from the very start, from the point of digging the brand foundations and devising its positioning. It’s the kind of work we relish. We can’t wait to get started. And we’re really good at it.

Late last year Flow was delighted to welcome the Institute for International Cooperation of the Deutscher Volkshochschul-Verband (DVV) onto the client books. DVV had commissioned the development of a digital platform for all of Africa’s adult educators. The platform would connect everybody working in adult learning and education across Africa. It would provide a rich and useful resource for professional adult educators, enabling educators to form networks, share knowledge and put high-octane fuel in the tank of adult education across the continent. It’s the kind of project that’s going to reduce poverty through growing the population of literate African adults. It’s going to make the world a better place.

Thing was, though, that the platform needed a name and clear ambits of how it would position itself in a continental market that’s as culturally diverse as it is rich and exciting. What was this digital platform to be called? And why would it be given the name it was to get?

And so the fun started. We met internally and with our client principals. We workshopped. We researched. We asked what seemed like a million questions. We pondered and puzzled. We had “eureka” moments and we had ”oh dear” moments. But through it all the brand inspired us, and we knew, minute by minute, that we were getting ever closer to the perfect name for this digital platform.

And so MOJA was introduced to the world. Moja is the Swahili word for ”one”. It’s a word rich in meaning and resonance, drawing on the power of ”one” to embrace the concepts of unity, togetherness, connectedness, and the essential truth that strength, wisdom and growth come through teamship, partnership and cooperation.

We then set about giving MOJA identity and branding, evoking the rich and warm colours of a continent, and integrating the outline of the African continent itself into the logo. It’s a beautiful, warm and inviting look for a service that’s going to change adult learning and education for the better.

MJA MOJA Infographic Full V2 copy
Example of a MOJA infographic designed by Flow.

Flow also designed and developed the MOJA website and trained the MOJA team on how to manage Craft CMS. The agency wrote the MOJA corporate profile, wrote an introductory media release, designed MOJA corporate flyers and posters, made three MOJA videos (one of which was animated) and set up the MOJA accounts on social media platforms.

Project manager Roshni Nana says: “We are delighted to have been midwives at MOJA’s birth. We send it off into the world knowing it’s going to fulfil its mission to be a place where adult educators from across Africa come and build a collegiate, mutually beneficial, vibrant, empowered community that advances and embeds Afrocentric adult learning and teaching.”

MJA TW Cover Image 03
The MOJA branding applied to a social media banner.
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