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You’ve probably seen dozens of billboards drawing attention to the importance of recycling and heard endless discussions about how the three Rs of the waste hierarchy (reduce, reuse, recycle) have a positive impact on the natural environment.

But what if Flow told you we know a company that offers an incentive for managing your packaging waste? That company is Imagined Earth and it has partnered with us to maintain and enhance an app that rewards you for recycling.

Imagined Earth is an eco-conscious company that is in the business of innovative recycling. A reverse vending machines provider, the business has flipped the concept of the classic automated apparatus that dispenses snacks and beverages, and turned it into a contraption that serves a much greener purpose – by allowing you to place your recycling into the reverse vending machine and earn an incentive.

“We provide a platform for recycling and allow you to contribute to a sustainable future,” says Imagined Earth’s general manager, Justin Needham, “all while earning money and rewards by returning your packaging waste using a reverse vending machine.”

Imagine Earth app on screen
Register a new Imagined Earth profile and start recycling. (Image: Imaginedearth.com)

Imagined Earth is the first company in Africa to launch a reverse vending machine partnership with a shopping centre. Its green, forward-thinking business model helps consumers make a difference while being rewarded for sustainable decisions.

“Imagined Earth in partnership with business, empowers people to live sustainably in line with how we live in these modern times,” says Needham says Needham.

Flow has joined the cause by enhancing and maintaining Imagined Earth’s app, which rewards you for recycling. Once you have downloaded the app, available on the App Store and Google Play, you must register a profile to get access to a variety of features, such as tracking your recycling behaviour, learning more about the circular economy, and getting rewards for contributing to a sustainable future.

“Flow has worked with Imagined Earth to improve its back-end systems and mobile app,” says Flow Communications head of digital Richard Frank. “We had to make sure the app works on all devices and loads quickly. We also had to integrate a digital wallet balance to allow people to accrue money for airtime.

“On the back-end system’s side, we’re working on improving some of the functionalities for the administrators to better manage the thousands of recyclable products they have to capture on the system.”

Imagine Earth RVM
Return your recyclable packaging waste to a reverse vending machine and earn rewards. (Image: Imaginedearth.com)

Needham adds, “The Flow team has showcased good thinking and process when addressing the needs of Imagined Earth. We look forward to what the future holds.

“So far, in our journey with Flow, we’ve been impressed by the agency’s system architecture and willingness to bring new technology to market.”

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