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Flow can supply you with everything you need – branded to your requirements – to keep yourself, your family, and your staff and their families safe as you get back to work during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Covid Decal

It’s all there, in a Covid-19 back-to-work starter pack: personal protective equipment such as masks and gloves, posters and banners conveying health messaging, hygiene stations and screens, social distancing floor decals, our amazing WipeOut sanitiser and more.

See? That’s one less thing you have to worry about. We’ve done all the thinking for you!

Sadly, Covid-19 is not going away any time soon, and until we have a vaccine we’re all going to have to take extra precautions at work, in factories and warehouses, and in offices and shops. Let us help you get going as quickly as possible.

Covid-19 back-to-work starter pack

Medical testing booth, branded
Includes: One 3m x 3m gazebo with printing. R7,149. Add side walls, branded R1,490 each
Tablecloth for screening tables, branded
Size: 1 820 x 710 x 790mm, excludes table. R1,885

Covid Nomad
Two Nomad pull-up banners, branded
Manufactured in South Africa, Size: 2 160 x 850mm. R3,600

One wall banner, branded
Size: 3m x 2.2m, including aluminium hardware. R6,650
Covid station CORRECT
One sanitising station, branded
Vinyl lam/foam board with aluminium inner support frame. Size: 700 x 1 800 x 400mm. R5,300 (minimum order 5)
Covid Aframe correct
One aluminium A-frame (double-sided) with two A1 posters included
Size: A1 – 841 x 594mm. Various poster designs available. R1,725
Covid tape
20 1.5m distance tape vinyl floor decals
Removable, no glue residue. Non-slip laminate: 425 x 425m. R2,025 for 30 (minimum order)
Covid Decal
30 vinyl floor decals for social distancing
Removable, no glue residue. Non-slip laminate: 50 x 1 500mm. R796.50 for 20
10 cough & sneeze screens, branded
Clear 3mm Perspex, rounded corners and supplied with feet. Size 800 x 500mm. R9,585 for 10 (minimum order)
Wipe Out(10l)
WipeOut sanitiser
10 litres, 70% alcohol. R799
Wipe Out25l
WipeOut sanitiser
25 litres, 70% alcohol. R1,899
Wipe Out No Alcohol 10
WipeOut sanitiser
10 litres, alcohol free. R599
Wipe Out No Alcohol25
WipeOut sanitiser
25 litres, alcohol free. R1,399.00
Covid Gloves
100 surgical gloves (latex free and powder free)
R128 for 100 gloves
Covid temp
One infrared, no-touch digital thermometer
R2, 160
Covid Masks
100 fabric washable face masks, branded
Secured with elastic loops. Include 3 layers of fabric. Space for filter. R4,800 for 100 (minimum order)
Covid Shield
20 face shields, unbranded
Wraps around the face. Lightweight. Clear PET lens visor. Headband fits all. R945 for 20 (minimum order)
Covid Booklet
500 Employee back to work information booklets
Size: A6 – 148 x 105mm. 16pp self cover. Printed full colour throughout. R6,600 for 500
1 000 employee back to work questionnaires
Employee declaration questionnaire for completion at screening stations. Size: A6 – 148 x 105mm. Printed full colour (black) one side only on 80gsm bond. R880 for 1 000
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