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Flow recently began marketing and selling WipeOut hand sanitiser and surface cleaner, effective in killing germs and viruses. To ensure that customers can buy these products from the safety of their homes, we created a simple, effective online store to facilitate quick, easy purchases.

We have two main products available for purchase from our WipeOut online store: a 70% alcohol-based hand sanitiser, and a sanitiser and surface cleaner that contains no alcohol, but is made from salt and water, which is put through an electrical process that turns it into a powerful disinfectant, approved by the South African Bureau of Standards.

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It is key for any company with an online presence to also have an online shop, says Flow head of digital Richard Frank.

“Any business that can sell products or services online should be exploring e-commerce opportunities in order to grow a new channel of revenue in tough economic conditions. The online sales channel has always been important, but it’s especially important during these times.”

The Flow team kept users in mind when creating the WipeOut store, making sure it is easy to navigate to get to their desired products, he explains. “We kept the design simple and clear, and included free delivery in the advertised pricing. This helps people make a snap decision with purchases.”

If you’re considering adding an online store to your website to help your business and your customers, Flow will set it up for you in a week, with customisations suited to your specifications. Flow is also able to provide insights into when customers leave your online store, and how to get them back on your site in the future.

“A key aspect of website design is ensuring a user can successfully complete their goal. We inspire the user to buy and then take them through a simple process that ends in ‘conversion’ or purchase of the product,” says Richard. “If the customer ‘falls off’ at any point in the process, we have mechanisms to get them back on track, such as an ‘abandoned cart’ email that gets sent to users who don’t quite cross the finishing line.

“We use discount coupons as a way of re-engaging customers who may be unsure or hesitant to purchase. Customers can’t resist a special.”

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Flow is not new to e-commerce – we’ve been developing and improving our e-commerce solutions for the past 15 years. “While we often build bespoke online stores to tie directly to an existing business’s processes, WipeOut presented the opportunity to use the Shopify platform,” explains Richard.

“Shopify allows one to get a shop up and running quickly and has a third-party app ecosystem that allows you to integrate with other platforms such as Google Ads and Google Shopping. We’ve been very impressed with how far it’s developed since we last used it.”

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