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At Flow Communications, the process of building a website entails so much more than creating a visual presence that floats in cyberspace. We make sure that each website is handed over as a finished product that excels in reflecting the client’s goals while encouraging interactivity. The most recent example of this is the site Flow designed and developed for IsoMetrix.

IsoMetrix is a software development company that has been offering risk management solutions to local and international organisations for over 25 years, enabling its customers to run their businesses sustainably.

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(Image: Isometrix)

“We had outgrown the WordPress website we managed in-house,” says Andrea Turk, chief marketing officer at IsoMetrix, commenting on how the working relationship between IsoMetrix and Flow came about. “The platform just couldn’t deliver what our customers expected. We knew we needed expertise from a company that built websites from the bottom up. It was a tall order. When we finally found Flow, we immediately knew they were the right fit for us. They took the time to understand our business and requirements.”

IsoMetrix products are used in various sectors, including mining and metallurgy, transport and logistics, and financial services.

The elegant background colours and strong typography on the new website waste no time in channelling the user’s focus towards what the company stands for and the different types of software products it offers.

From our interaction with the client, we understood that we had to rebuild the site using a content management system that allows for content to be uploaded, managed and monitored in an efficient manner. This necessitated taking all the information on the old website and making it easy to find on the new website.

In terms of design, our objective was to take the massive amount of content that was on the old website and reimagine the design and layout so that it would make sense to everyone – from the first-time user to the frequent visitor. We reintroduced icons and reduced the colour palette to make the website more functional and user-centric.

Through a blend of sharp graphics and back-end functionality, we delivered a compelling website that will keep users engrossed with content that perfectly conveys the company’s three core values: Change for good; Partnerships that empower; and The possibility of a better world.

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