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Flow strives to always deliver the best results when called on by clients to assist, whether the job is big or small. And this was our approach when the National Intellectual Property Management Office (NIPMO) approached us to help design and develop a website for the Pretoria-based organisation.

NIPMO, a division of the Department of Science and Technology, has a mandate to ensure that “intellectual property from publicly financed research and development is identified, protected, utilised and commercialised” for the benefit of South Africans, “whether it be for social, economic, military or any other benefit”.

Flow was excited to be approached by NIPMO to help develop the new website that would provide the general public with an interactive and user-friendly experience.  

Nipmo events page
One of the site’s pages, showcasing upcoming events.

At the start of the six-week project period, the Flow team sat down with the client to understand the website objectives. We then commenced the design and development of the website, including the colour schemes and navigation tabs, making sure that NIPMO would receive a satisfactory and easy-to-navigate website on mobile and desktop devices.

“Flow used the Craft CMS content management system when developing the website, as it allowed for additional functionality that would not be possible if the client used the Department of Science and Technology’s website platform,” says Flow project manager Roshni Nana.

NIPMO’s main goal was to have a website developed to bring attention to its service offerings. The office assists with the protection of intellectual property rights – it provides funding, resources and training for capacity development. It also runs certified proficiency courses and workshops to ensure that intellectual property is used for socioeconomic impact.

Nipmo site pages
The new design makes it easy to navigate the website on mobile and desktop devices.

Our dynamic Flowstars made magic happen while collaborating on the project as a team to ensure that we delivered a website both Flow and NIPMO would be proud of. We needed to make sure the needs of our client were translated in a way that ensured consistency when it came to the overall look and feel of the new site – including best practice in terms of search-engine and mobile optimisation.

The client was pleased with the result. “Not only was Flow Communications able to understand and sum up our core mandate in a few dynamic words, they delivered and exceeded our expectations by developing a slick and sexy website, all the time maintaining a friendly, interactive relationship,” says NIPMO head Kerry Faul.

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