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It’s always good to get the house in order for a new year, and one of the ways Flow has done this is by introducing staff to the employment equity requirements we have to meet because we are a “designated employer”.

Early in the second week of January we introduced Flowstars to our LabourNet consultant, Sibusiso Tshabalala. He took us through the relevant legislation, and the philosophy behind it.

As a company with more than 50 employees Flow is a designated employer under employment equity legislation. This means we need to ensure equal opportunities for all and implement affirmative action to redress the imbalances caused by South Africa’s past discriminatory practices.

Late last year Flowstars elected an Employment Equity Committee that will prepare its employment equity plan, implement it and report to the Department of Labour. The plan will be Flow’s roadmap to ensuring equal opportunities, tempered by affirmative action.

employment equity @ Flow
LabourNet consultant Sibusiso Tshabalala takes Flow staff through the relevant employment equity legislation and the philosophy behind it. (Image: Flow Communications)
IMG 20200113 113659
Flowstars in attendance at the employment equity session. (Image: Flow Communications)
employment equity 2
Flowstars engage in the informative session with LabourNet. (Image: Flow Communications)
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