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Flow Communications is proud to announce that writer Stuart Buchanan received a special commendation for a blog he wrote for the Maropeng website at the Profile Awards for science and technology journalism held at Wits University on 11 September 2014.

Throwing spears that predate humans found in Ethiopia was published on 17 December 2013 and explores the possible existence of species much older than humans more than 280 000 years ago.

“That blog I wrote is a very interesting topic and Maropeng’s website and blogs are all about making complex and scientific news and information easy for readers to understand,” said Stuart.

The Profile Awards recognise and reward journalists for the role they play in telling stories about ways in which science and technology can benefit people’s lives.

Throwings Spears
Throwing spears that predate humans found in Ethiopia was published on 17 December 2013

A pleasantly surprised Stuart stated that getting the commendation from the judges was very nice, but what he is most grateful for is working for a client like Maropeng.

“When I was a kid, space and dinosaurs were the two coolest things ever and I haven’t grown out of that. Maropeng provides an opportunity to write about such things and I love getting to do that.”

Flow Communications works continuously to maintain a great working relationship with their clients and this special mention is testimony to the relationship Flow has with Maropeng.

“This commendation exemplifies the high calibre of work that Flow Communications has done for Maropeng. Our content, due largely to the work of Flow, has seen the Maropeng website as one of the top references, not only for people seeking a tourism destination but also for those seeking material on prehistory,” said Lindsay Marshall, communications and marketing manager at Maropeng.

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