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The Explore Spain homepage header in mobile view

The new Explore Spain site was a small departure for Flow, as it was designed and built for mobile use first and then adapted so that it could morph to fit desktop use.

These days it is good practice in web design and development to create all sites to be responsive, so that they will change to fit the size of the device they are being viewed on, but in many cases the desktop view is still designed first, and the mobile view is a simplified adaptation of the full” desktop site.

In the case of a site about travel, however, it seemed appropriate to create it with mobile use as the primary consideration.

Developer Alex Cowling says: Explore Spain was a great opportunity to refine some of my techniques. I feel I’m really starting to get a handle on mobile-first development, and to be able to streamline my process gives me a great sense of accomplishment.”

The Explore Spain homepage header in desktop view

The Explore Spain gave Flow the opportunity to showcase some of the best of what we do: promoting travel in a way that is engaging, enticing and meaningful. The website offers an overview of some of Spain’s most attractive sites and spaces (from Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia to Andalusia’s pristine golf courses), before profiling the range of custom-made tours that Explore Spain offers. It goes without saying that working on a project like this infused most of the office with no small amount of wanderlust,” says writer Cassidy Parker.

Some of the homepage content in mobile view

The new Explore Spain website is incredibly impressive,” says Explore Spain founder and owner Piroska Magyar.

It is very interactive, which is crucial in the tourism industry, and has a clear, logical structure that is easy to navigate and promotes some of the most important aspects of visiting Spain.

I also love the fact that Spain’s colours have been used throughout, making the site bright and bold.”

Graphic designer George Xafis says that the design involves a wide visual implementation of photography with an informative amalgamation of well-written content to whet the viewers’ appetite to want to travel to Spain”.

The focus was on the imagery,” George goes on to say. So what you see is less of everything, only the essentials are displayed, which is why the photography speaks loudly on this site.”

When creating a website for a destination, especially one as beautiful as Spain, the skill lies in being able to create a space where the destination can speak for itself.

Some of the homepage content in desktop view