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I recently had the pleasure of chairing an OnlineX webinar that covered the “build” phase of developing an e-commerce website. This was part of a six-part bootcamp series it has put together.

I especially enjoyed teasing out the question of choice of technology stack. Many small to medium-sized businesses have to make the choice between going bespoke and building their own online platform, or using an online commerce platform such as Shopify or Shopstar.

The upfront costs of building bespoke are greater than going with an online platform, but the long-term rewards can be greater, especially for businesses with custom operations. For a simple e-commerce store (e.g. selling T-shirts), a hosted platform allows you to be up and selling in minutes. At Flow, we offer both options.

The key takeaways included:

  • How to choose the right technical stack

  • How to get started with building an online presence

  • How to design a world-class customer experience

  • How to optimise a website to transform it into your top-performing salesperson

  • How to ensure the web build is done right the first time

I chaired the session with Billy Einkamerer, founder of software solutions business Assemble; Melissa Rowlston, founder and owner of Maverick Marketing and Maverick Web; and Bjorn Byrne, founder and managing director of Media Rocket Studio.

Watch the full webinar below.

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