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Going out for breakfast is not much to boast about. But when that breakfast involves a flight to Harties, it’s a pretty big deal.

2014 07 26 08 52 25
The journey begins at Grand Central Airport in Midrand

And I was lucky enough to do just this recently.

The breakfast was arranged by event organiser Christelle Liebenberg at her home, the farm 29 Zandfontein in Harties. This 55ha cattle farm has a landing strip, and is popular with pilots who land for morning coffee or breakfast on the farm.

2014 07 26 09 02 16
Boarding for the 15-minute flight

Having a runway on the farm and a mom who is a talented cook prompted Liebenberg to invite some people over this past Saturday for an official “fly-in breakfast”, with a view to making this a permanent attraction.

“Mom loves cooking and catering, and she hopes to host cooking classes in the future. Together we make a great team, and organising our first official fly-in breakfast is proof thereof,” says Liebenberg.

And if sharing her “back garden” with us was not enough, Liebenberg plans on making 29 Zandfontein “the next best place to be”. These plans include organising driving safaris for those who wish to explore the many attractions of the Hartbeespoort Dam area, as well opening up the venue for conferencing and weddings.

2014 07 26 09 40 41
Incredible views

Christine Tworeck of City Sightseeing Joburg, who was also invited to the fly-in breakfast, encourages people to explore Johannesburg: “Joburg is an awesome city, not just as a fly-in to do business and conferences and then go home. Harties is within reach, and as City Sightseeing Joburg, we are opening up an opportunity to let people know about these places.”

Liebenberg aims to have fly-in packages on offer soon. See 29 Zandfontein’s Facebook page for more information.

2014 07 26 09 45 59
Touchdown at 29 Zandfontein in Harties
2014 07 26 10 01 49
A delicious breakfast is served
2014 07 26 10 50 18
A skydiver joins us
2014 07 26 11 20 57
Inside, looking out
2014 07 26 11 24 47
Liebenberg plans on making 29 Zandfontein 'the next best place to be'
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