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What are employee ambassadors?

“Employee advocacy [or brand ambassadors] is where individual workers promote their organisation on their personal social media channels. As a result, positive word of mouth is spread more authentically than buttoned-up brand accounts ever could,” explains tech recruitment company Built In. Through these ambassadors, the “brands gain meaningful exposure that rises above the din of social media and, in some cases, generates new business as a result”.

Why is it important for employees to be brand ambassadors?

Employees act as bridges between you, their audiences and your clients. They humanise the brand and its promises. And they offer people a glimpse into the company culture.

People place their trust in other people – real individuals, not hired spokespeople. Employee endorsements, affirmations and organic content creation are often viewed as more reliable than conventional marketing and advertising methods.

Think about it: when was the last time you bought something based on a recommendation from a friend or someone you follow online? Did you read the reviews or check for many positive reviews before paying for something online? Their input had more of an impact on your purchase than other forms of marketing conducted by the brand.

Companies that have used employees as ambassadors

TikTok: Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts is excellent at showcasing employees’ experiences of working at the company, on TikTok.

The result? According to TRIBE, “sales skyrocketed when Dunkin’ Donuts created a programme to inspire employees to create videos while working and posting them on social media ... resulting in a 57% increase in app downloads and a 20% surge in cold brew sales.”

Dunkin’ Donuts encourages their employees to be ambassadors
Dunkin’ Donuts encourages its employees to be ambassadors.

LinkedIn: Netflix Life page

On LinkedIn, Netflix has effectively used the “Life” section on its company page to highlight the meaningful work that staff members are engaged in, with videos and articles that give the audience a glimpse into the vibrant company culture.

This approach strengthens internal bonds among team members and also projects Netflix as an organisation that deeply values and takes pride in its workforce. It’s an excellent internal marketing strategy initiative.

The Netflix "Life" page that shines a spotlight on staff members
The Netflix Life page that shines a spotlight on staff members.

Six tips from our team on how you can support your brand or organisation on social media

  • Review the company on Google: give an honest review of what it’s like being an employee at your company. Your feedback helps others discover and trust the services of the brand, but also gives some insight into the employee’s experiences

  • Write a review on Facebook: similar to the Google review, you can write a few lines on the organisation’s Facebook page. Your insights can make a big difference to potential customers and future employees

  • Share company news and blogs on your LinkedIn account: share company blogs on your personal LinkedIn platform. Add your unique perspective or comments to engage your network and spark discussions

  • Unboxing videos: film the excitement of receiving a delivery from your organisation with an unboxing video. In winter, Flow sent fleecy blankets and some of the team tagged the agency in posts of them opening their gift

  • Recommend your company’s pages to your personal network: encourage your connections to like and follow the company’s social media pages. Your endorsement carries weight and can introduce the organisation to a wider audience

  • Like, comment and share: shares and comments push content up higher on the news feed and allow the organisation to reach other audiences

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