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Flow was delighted to welcome Nkgwete IT Solutions as a client, and was raring to go on designing, populating and publishing a revised website for the company.

Nkgwete IT Solutions provides and manages outsourced IT services solutions. It’s a thriving concern and is aligned to Flow’s own purpose-driven determination to put business to work for the benefit of people, their communities and the nation.

The new Nkgwete IT Solutions website is streamlined and crisp with a professional look and bold use of the business’s turquoise and green signature colours. It was designed by senior UX/UI designer Lizette Sutherland and built by web developer Fabio De Abreu, with content by senior writer and editor Willem Steenkamp. The project was managed by Nontobeko Zuma.

“It was a pleasure working on this project,” says Lizette. “Our brief from Nkgwete was clear, but left us ample scope to do what we do best: internalise the client’s business needs, and do it best justice in the look, feel and content of the website.

“It was very important to Nkgwete that the site communicates the company’s investment in people and its determination to unlock human potential through technology. This had to be done while giving equal weight and visibility to the excellent service for which Nkgwete has built a justifiable reputation.”

The revised Nkgwete IT Solutions website perfectly articulates this balance between people investment and service excellence.

The website also makes it easy to get in touch with Nkgwete; explore the many different services the business offers; investigate opportunities to join the Nkgwete family (either as a staffer or as a client); and read the testimonials of present and previous clients.

Go and look at Flow’s work and Nkgwete’s brand new showcase for its services here: www.nkgwete.co.za.

Nkgwete website
View the new Nkgwete IT Solutions website here: www.nkgwete.co.za.
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