Flow Communications

My time at Flow was brief but memorable.

While there my main goal was to improve my writing skills to prepare for the year ahead at the Wits School of Journalism. Thinking back from when I first started in January to now, this has been time well spent.

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Jay's passion for photography was evident, and the photos he contributed to various projects during his time spent working at Flow are impressive evidence of his skills

Looking over the articles I wrote before arriving at Flow, I was amazed to see the difference in style from just a year ago. My mentors were extremely helpful. They gave me good advice that has put me on the path to finding my own writing “voice”.

My passion, however, remains photography, and I’m glad I could contribute my skills towards a number of projects on the go at Flow. This confirms that my plans for the future – to combine photography and writing careers – are in place and where I want them to go.

I have no doubt the knowledge I gained at Flow will be just what I need to get a head start this year at Wits.

Below are the top three unique lessons I learnt at Flow:

1. Desk space is for sissies
2. Getting back an article from subbing with 95% of it covered in “tracked changes” is not uncommon
3. When stressed, it is always important to relax; let your mind unwind and forget your worries

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