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Does our country’s past have a future?

That was one of the most important questions Flow Communications had to answer while working on a very special project. While other people out there might be hesitant in their reply, the assigned project team responded with a resounding “yes” when they completed their work on the newly developed Apartheid Museum website

The Apartheid Museum is home to some of the most significant artefacts from our country’s past. It opened in 2001 and was the first of its kind to comprehensively illustrate the rise and fall of apartheid.

Aprtheid museum 01
The website is responsive and functions equally well across a range of digital platforms. (Image: Apartheid Museum)

The museum’s unique design and landscape offer visitors an unforgettable South African experience. Tourists come from far and wide to learn about the historic events that shaped our nation’s history, which is why Flow Communications had to deliver a website on par with this distinguished attraction.

We were tasked with rebuilding the museum’s website and have it operate on the current content management system, Craft 3, to make the digital experience much more user-friendly. While doing so, we also wanted to honour a significant landmark such as the Apartheid Museum with a website that is compatible across all viewing platforms, and make the content available to an even bigger audience.

Reminder of an apartheid-style South Africa. (Image: Apartheid Museum)

When visiting the website, users can look forward to finding plenty of information about the different exhibitions on display at the museum. They can also learn more about the country’s history through the workbooks available for download on the resources page.

A virtual shop – where users can buy books, mugs, DVDs and many other Mzansi-themed products and mementos – was also incorporated during the rebuild.

Flow has a reputation for creating and fostering strong relationships with clients. This is another project that owes its success to the great synergy between the company and our client.

The client was fully committed to the development process, including providing the copy and images to be used on the site and providing speedy feedback that allowed us to move with the project at a reasonable pace.

During the upgrade process, issues such as effective navigation and mobile compatibility were prioritised to ensure that the site could be effectively resized without losing any functionality. The final product is a greatly improved version for the user.

Proper protection of our history will help teach people about the great strides we’ve made as a nation and will help future generations to avoid the horrific mistakes of our past. Flow is proud to have made a notable contribution to the preservation of South Africa’s history.

Apartheid museum 3
Interior of the Apartheid Museum. (Image: Apartheid Museum)
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