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We’re steaming ahead with our #LockdownChronicles and this week we’re featuring Flow web developer Grant McMullin, who got married just before the start of the nationwide lockdown.

Grant married his sweetheart, Daniella du Plessis, in an intimate service on 25 March 2020. He shares his thoughts on his wedding in the time of a pandemic.

Q: When were you initially planning to get married?

Grant: 27 March 2020.

Q: How did you come to the decision to get married sooner, rather than later?

Grant: We decided not to wait, because we’d been engaged for around 18 months and didn’t want the pandemic to put our lives on hold.

Q: How many people were present at your wedding?

Grant: A total of 12 people.

Q: Who officiated at the wedding?

Grant: A client of Nella’s mom. He is an ordained minister and marriage officer and he offered us the use of his garden in Westcliff [for the wedding].

Q: Describe your wedding day?

Grant: It was pretty chilled! Due to social distancing, everyone got ready separately. Nella got ready at her parents’ place, and then they all bundled into a car and came through to the venue. I got ready at my place and drove to the venue, collecting my parents on the way.

Image 1
Grant and Daniella share their first kiss as newlyweds.

Q: Where did you have your reception?

Grant: Those who could and felt comfortable to do so had a small braai with us at Nella’s parents’ home. My mother baked us a cake as the other cake had been put on hold.

Q: What were some of the memorable moments (both good and challenging) from the day?

Grant: The highlight was seeing the bride, obviously! But it was also challenging, because we didn’t really have a plan and we hadn’t rehearsed anything. So things like knowing where to stand were kind of made up on the spot! The wedding day wasn’t what we’d planned as we’d have liked some things in place that didn’t come together because of the circumstances. But, in the end, I managed to marry the girl of my dreams, so [the day] couldn’t have gone better.

Q: What has married life looked like so far during the lockdown?

Grant: Having a honeymoon in isolation is not ideal, but overall it’s been quite fun setting up new routines. Obviously there are external pressures that lead to anxiety, but everyone is working out how to maintain the status quo in these trying times.

Q: Will there be another wedding celebration in the future for family and friends to attend after the lockdown?

Grant: Yes! We don’t know how long all this will go on for, or what the future holds, but we’re hoping to have a celebration around September.

From the entire Flow family, congratulations to Grant and Daniella! We hope you remain healthy and happy, and that you will be able to have another wedding celebration with all your friends and family soon.

Grant image
Signing the register after the nuptials.
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