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Flow has managed Mango Airlines’ social media since 2016. This is a considerable responsibility as Mango has over 1-million fans on Facebook and 300 000+ followers on Twitter – the most of any South African airline.

Our services to Mango include social media strategy, campaign development, community management, brand building and crisis communications via social media, where necessary. Our community management runs 365 days a year from 7am to 9pm with responses throughout the day, always within an hour.

We also manage Mango’s social media advertising campaigns.

Case study: influencer marketing

To celebrate its 11th birthday on 15 November 2017, Mango decided a small celebration was in order: a birthday party to celebrate 11 years in the sky.

Any birthday party needs guests and so we decided to invite three of South Africa’s most-loved influencers, and gave them each the opportunity to invite a special guest who had never flown before.

Mango’s six guests were treated to Krispy Kreme donuts at OR Tambo International Airport, flew from OR Tambo to Durban on Mango’s rainy birthday, took a shuttle ride courtesy of Tempest, and enjoyed a beautiful birthday brunch at the Oyster Box Hotel in Umhlanga, courtesy of the hotel.

The campaign, which was covered from start to finish by the influencers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and blogs, was a great success, reaching over 350 000 people with a spread of over 1.5-million people.

Newgenawards2018 Best Influencer Marketing Campaign Mango1

Strategic considerations

From a budget point of view, Flow had to think smart. We needed to come up with an idea that wasn’t going to cost a lot of money, but still create lots of hype and excitement around Mango’s birthday.

Without an always-on paid budget, we had to think outside of our normal organic content. And the best way to reach an audience outside of our own is via another social media platform – that of an influencer.

We selected three influencers who fit the Mango brand:

  • They are travel bloggers
  • The quality of their content is excellent
  • Their audiences are all different
  • They are well-respected voices in the tourism and travel industry

To create the biggest hype, we sent a Flow representative on the trip, too, to cover the event on Mango’s social media platforms, amplifying the event once again.

Details of implementation

Newgenawards2018 Best Influencer Marketing Campaign Mango2

Results achieved

The campaign had amazing reach through the three influencers, and in total reached 336 630 people, with a spread of 1 824 445 people via retweets.

The sentiment was overwhelmingly positive – 24% positive vs 1% negative, and the rest neutral.

Mentions were up by 445% on the day, at 540 mentions of Mango.

There were 56 unique authors on a campaign with only three influencers.

  • Meruschka Govender (@MzansiGirl) had the biggest reach after Mango, with 27 457 people reached
  • Ryan Enslin (@MyLimeBoots) had the second-highest reach, with 21 868 people reached
  • Lebo Lukewarm (@lebolukewarm ) had the third-highest reach, with 10 639 people reached

The campaign ran for a week – each influencer giving away the free flight to a first-time-flyer, from 9 to 15 November 2017.

Unique Authors
336 630
Account Reach
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