VAT IT is an innovative online service that helps clients maximise tax recovery through industry-leading technology. The company’s global operational resources enable it to serve more than 8 000 clients in 100 countries, ranging from small and medium-sized enterprises to large multinational corporations across a wide range of sectors.

When VAT IT decided its website needed an upgrade after the company rebranded with a fresh corporate identity, Flow was thrilled to become part of the site-development process. We shared the project with creative agency Mama Creative, which was responsible for the design and content elements.

The website at was developed over a six-month period and was launched on 13 January 2016. Its design uses landscapes creatively to showcase the abstract concept of VAT reclamation as a function of business.

The new website quickly started generating a substantial percentage of leads for the company, which traditionally did not use the web as a lead-generation mechanism, and the introduction of a chatbox generates two to three leads a week.

The brief was to develop a website that is clear and credible, and Flow achieved that by using real data to demonstrate the value VAT IT can bring to businesses, and through calls to action on the site to drive conversion.