Between November 2013 and May 2016, Flow provided a range of services for South African national carrier South African Airways (SAA).

Flow provided daily social media for its global Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts and for a number of international pages, including Australia, Hong Kong, Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya, and in a number of languages, including Mandarin and Swahili. This was an interesting project, because each page had to be tailored to the country at which it was directed, bearing in mind cultures, likes, dislikes, interests and other idiosyncrasies.

The social media pages featured promotions and specials, photographs taken by SAA passengers who enjoyed their experience with the airline, as well as a large variety of destinations that travellers should visit.

Among the effective campaigns executed for SAA was one that won a New Generation Social & Digital Media Award for Flow: the Ebola education campaign to inform SAA’s Hong Kong audience about the distance of the Ebola-affected countries in West Africa from South Africa and showing how China can fit into the continent of Africa three times.

Flow was also tasked with creating a Facebook app, with the aim of getting more likes on the Hong Kong FlySAA Facebook page. The brief was to create a competition that would encourage people to like the Hong Kong FlySAA page. The competition was mobile-optimised, and easily accessed via quick recognition codes – barcode-like patterns read by an app on a user’s phone, directing them to a particular page.

In addition, Flow’s public relations department also provided SAA with a very effective specialist online reputation management service.