The Road Accident Fund (RAF) is responsible for providing​ appropriate cover to road users within South Africa’s borders, rehabilitating and compensating people injured in road accidents, and promoting the safe use of South African roads.

Flow was excited to secure an enjoyable and successful contract for internal communications with the fund between January and August 2016.

This included workshops to increase awareness within the RAF, strategies with its internal social media team and above-the-line agencies, and also implementing strategies within the organisation. This involved the design of posters, emailers, print material and strategies, which kept Flow – and especially the design studio – busy and on its toes.

We were advised not to waste any of our budget on desk drops for the employees, and were not allowed to use funds to buy desktop gifts when incorporating the strategies. This was one of our biggest challenges, so we had to come up with some brilliant activations!

A highly effective Easter campaign on Twitter, #MyRoadYourRoad, centred on a scare tactic at the RAF head office, where we fitted out a lift to resemble the inside of an ambulance, with the slogan, “You don’t want to be here.”

When Flow won the request for quotation, the RAF was in the process of switching to its new Road Accident Fund Benefit Scheme, with the focus on how claimants are immediately assisted. We needed to make staff aware of the new scheme and how to instil it into their daily routine of dealing with claims, and presented a strategy for internal and external messaging, which was accepted and used by the fund.