Elegant Fuels is more than a fuel and service provider, they offer clients a steady fuel supply stream, with 24/7 delivery schedules, in addition to critical, 24/7 communication with their clients. Elegant Fuels has been a PR client of Flow Communications for some time and this year their goal was to be ranked first on Google Search results, using a budget of R4 950.

The AdWords campaign objectives:

  • Ensure Elegant Fuels outranks competitors in paid search rankings
  • Direct potential customers to the website contact page
  • Provide functionality for customers to click-and-call directly from adverts (on mobile devices)
  • Achieve brand awareness through banner advertising

The results of the first month were outstanding:

  • Elegant Fuels has an average position of 1.9 which means it is almost always in first position on Google Search Results
  • The AdWords campaign has delivered 872 visits to the website and 34 qualified leads
  • The AdWords campaign generated four phone calls and 132 phone impressions
  • The banner ads have reached 65,372 people and generated four conversions
  • The banner ads have appeared on popular news websites such as timeslive.co.za, theguardian.com, news24.com, iol.co.za and ewn.co.za 

As a result, Elegant Fuels have increased their spend and continue to record new achievements, such having a Display campaign that results in more conversions than their Search campaign. This an extremely rare result to achieve in any Google AdWords campaign.