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Twenty-sixteen. Nineteen. Twelve. One.

Sit up, click those knuckles, and take a deep breath – we’re about to start number crunching.

Twenty-sixteen. 2016. The year we decided to go through all our work with a fine-tooth comb and choose the best of the best to enter into the annual New Generation Social & Digital Media Awards. Calling this a difficult task is putting it lightly, but we managed to narrow it down to 20 entries, showcasing the different aspects of Flow’s work, ranging from website and app development to social and digital media strategy, content marketing and integrated marketing.

Nineteen. This is the number of awards that we have been shortlisted for and it’s a number we’re incredibly proud of:

Listofwinners 01

Twelve. Along with being thrilled about our 19 shortlisted entries, we’re even more thrilled that these entries belong to 12 of our clients. Flow managing director Tiffany Turkington-Palmer says, “It’s  an honour to work on such meaningful work with such important and special clients.

“Our range of finalists is testament to the integrated work we do for so many clients across so many platforms.”

At Flow, we love doing the work we do, and the clients we do it for – and the proof is in the 19 slices of the shortlist pudding.

One. The animation below explains this quite simply. Flow chief executive officer Tara Turkington this morning made the announcement to the different studios, all of which contribute to the excellent work that Flow does each and every day. We are one very excited and oh-so-proud agency.

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