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Flow Communications recently collaborated with Cape Town Tourism and Ogilvy Cape Town to create MyCapeTownHoliday, a campaign that allows people worldwide to experience Cape Town virtually.

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My Cape Town Holiday on Facebook

The campaign aims to boost the demand for Cape Town and showcase what the destination has to offer.

Flow was responsible for the technical implementation of the Facebook application, integrating the campaign into Cape Town Tourism’s website and helping to promote it on social networks.

The thinking behind the campaign was that Facebook is the world’s most popular website – with more than a billion users – and since the social network plays such a big part in modern society, it would be fitting to build a concept around it.

Several destinations around the world have used campaigns similar to this one to achieve significant earned media coverage and get the attention of potential visitors. Cape Town Tourism decided to use a big digital campaign to promote Cape Town, and create a desire for the destination in various international markets.

“It’s still early days, but we were encouraged by the number of people who registered for the application and it’s been great to see people sharing their Facebook profile’s activities on various social media platforms.

“Point-of-view video footage seems to have been one of the more popular elements of the campaign so far, and it’s been good to see a fair amount of interaction about this on Twitter as well as Facebook,” says Roy Barford, manager at Flow’s Cape Town office.

Richard Frank, programming studio manager, says: “This was Flow’s first large-scale Facebook application. Facebook provides an integration framework – commonly referred to as an API – to enable us to leverage its technology, including posts to walls and inviting friends. We built the application as a page tab application, which means it can be installed on any Facebook Page.”

Richard says an exciting part of the project was the generation of customised videos. Flow generated a custom video for each user using the Stupeflix service. Metadata such as video clips, text overlays and transitions, and the service return, back the customised video, which is automatically uploaded to YouTube.

“It was also the first time we used Microsoft Bing Maps instead of Google Maps, and we were pleasantly surprised by the quality of their mapping technology,” concludes Richard.

“What a trip, here I was slogging away behind my desk while my Facebook profile checked in to luxury hotels and did exciting adventures and ate at great places – truly made me envious. A case of really getting an understanding of what you would rather be doing – work or Cape Town?” comments Flow’s strategist, Kevin Collins, who has been using the app for a while now.

“My Facebook profile had a wonderful time in Cape Town, despite the fact that the weather was not great. It was really nice to get regular updates about what it had been up to during the day. It makes me look forward to my December holiday, which will definitely be spent in Cape Town this year,” says writing studio manager Colin Ford.

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