Flow Communications

Flow was recently tasked with building a new website for Icasa, the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa, which acts as official regulator of the South African communications, broadcasting and postal service sectors. Icasa also ensures that these services remain affordable for all South Africans.

It’s easier to appreciate the importance of access to important communications regulations and legislation when unique site visits to icasa​.org​.za average approximately 20 000 per month.

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When taking on such a complex subject, it was crucial that our developers simplified the way that content is structured on the site. The complexity came in the form of more than 600 regulations and numerous pieces of legislation, as well as the challenge of catering for multiple users from different sectors. The site needs to speak to industry and consumers, which means it has to be accessible and understandable to both. In addition, the site functionality needs to offer all users an easy navigation that enables them to search through, locate and download relevant content.

Building a filter system to declutter the documents means that they can now be narrowed down and found easily through a number of dropdown filters selected by the user. A clean layout using cool greens and greys makes the user journey simple and calming when a user’s requirement is to find information quickly.

The imagery concept is all about people – about real people communicating and using communications in their everyday lives.

To keep the home page dynamic, a news feed changes each time a new article is loaded on the site, which keeps it current and relevant.

After a series of approvals, from the head of marketing to the Icasa council, the website went live in early January 2018

Dumisani Khumalo, online presence specialist at Icasa, says that the Icasa target audience is made up of highly diverse segments, and Icasa not only has to serve the sectors it regulates, but, in addition, has to provide a service to consumers, the government and many other stakeholders.

Our website is an important communication platform from which our stakeholders should be able to easily find information at any time. What was very important for me was that we were working with a team that took the time to understand our complex role as a regulator and the different audience groups we needed to communicate with,” says Khumalo. I think that their experience and the ability to grasp what Icasa is about helped in ensuring that the final product is fit for purpose and, of course, looks great!”