Your social media strategy should look like a solar system, with your website, which you own (as opposed to many of your social platforms), at the centre.

Social media is not just about growing followers – it needs to be used to facilitate engagement, drive conversion, gather user-generated content and amplify third-party endorsements.

The social media landscape is exciting and fast-changing – almost every week there’s a new social networking site, a new online game, and a new way to interact with your clients via SMS, mobile competition or online forums ...

At Flow we develop social media strategies and roll out plans for our clients that are current and relevant. We also believe in getting the basics right for our clients, so that they’re perfectly poised to make the most of new opportunities when these present themselves on the web.

In partnership with our clients, we develop an e-marketing strategy and social networking approach that is innovative but solid, and that will grow their digital portfolios in a sustainable manner, enhancing the organisation’s brand, sales and customer relations in the long term.

We can assist you with your social media, from helping you to learn Twitter or Instagram (or any other popular network), to preparing hands-on social media training for your staff, to developing and managing influencer and social media campaigns.

Some of our notable successes in social media include:

  • Running South Africa's most successful Twitter campaign, #iam4rhinos, for the World Wildlife Fund in 2013. The campaign attracted more than 160 000 tweets from thousands of people, including celebrities like Stephen Fry, Ricky Gervais and Junior Bachchan. It trended on Twitter nationally for a week, and at number one in the world on World Rhino Day
  • Growing South African Tourism's Twitter account, @GoToSouthAfrica, from 12 000 followers to 100 000 followers in three years, with no paid advertising
  • Running South African Airways' social media accounts across the world, in a number of different languages, including Mandarin and Swahili
  • Achieving two million views of more than 10 000 photos uploaded to the @flowcomm Flickr account
  • Winning a Gold Cannes and a Gold Loerie for our work with Ogilvy Cape Town on the "Take Your Facebook Profile to Cape Town" campaign in 2013, for Cape Town Tourism
  • Winning the following awards for social media at the New Generation Social and Digital Media Awards in 2017:
    • Most Innovative Use of Social Media: Mango Airlines (Silver)
    • Outstanding Social Customer Care: Mango Airlines (Silver)
    • Best Use of Social Media to Research and Evaluate: South African Society of Anaesthesiologists (Silver)
    • Best Agency Community Engagement Manager: Melanie-Ann Feris (Bronze)

The #iam4rhinos Twitter campaign, which trended at number one in the world on Twitter.