Flow Communications

Flow Communications is looking for a senior web developer to join its Johannesburg team.

Flow Communication is considered one of South Africa’s top web development companies and with you on board we want to be even better!

Flow doesn’t measure seniority in years of experience but by a person who can see the whole picture, build client relationships, scope a project, problem-solve effectively and communicate exceptionally well. All of this is expected while also keeping up with the latest web development trends and thinking of PHP before you fall asleep at night.

If you can do all this, deliver high-quality work within budget and build confidence among you peers, then step right ahead.

Job description

You will join our team of developers and collaborate on new and existing projects used by thousands of people daily. We use a mix of PHP technologies and you will be expected to pick up on Craft, ExpressionEngine, CodeIgniter and Laravel-based projects.

You will also be working daily with a full-stack team of designers and journalists to create sites like www.nelsonmandela.org – enterprise-level sites that require you to develop complex architectures and anticipate future developments.

Please submit your CV together with a covering letter that demonstrates your communication abilities. Your covering letter should summarise why you’re a good fit for Flow Communications.

Please also provide two contactable references.

Submit your application to Richard Frank (richard@flowsa.com).


In your CV and interview, you will have to demonstrate:

  • An understanding of the full web-application lifecycle, from concept to final production
  • The ability to communicate effectively and concisely, with experience to back up your decisions and viewpoints
  • Problem-solving ability
  • Proficiency in front-end technologies such as HTML/CSS and JavaScript.
  • Ability to write object-oriented PHP using commonly accepted design patterns (MVC, DI etc.)
  • Experience in using version control such as Git
  • An ability to develop yourself professionally on a daily basis


  • Experience working in a Mac/Linux environment and using the command line
  • Contributions to the open-source community, a Github profile with active projects, a StackExchange profile and/or participation in a community user group (e.g. PHP user group)
  • Building and maintaining a LAMP stack
  • Able to context switch and work on multiple projects simultaneously in an agency environment


Remuneration: Negotiable depending on experience (but market-related)
Province: Gauteng
City: Johannesburg
Job level: Senior
Own transport required: Yes
Travel requirement: Occasional
Type: Permanent

Please note: Flow does not accept unsolicited approaches from recruitment agencies.